Practice Areas

The Winter Group has a diverse client list. We’ve worked extensively with nonprofit and membership organizations, addressing pressing issues that affect their professions. We’ve also done wide-ranging work for corporations and companies looking to do business in or with the Commonwealth. Here is a glimpse at some of the assignments we have had for these clients.

Health Systems
The Winter Group has provided lobbying services for major health care systems in Pennsylvania. This has included up to the minute updates on legislative and regulatory changes that would have had millions of dollars worth of impacts on professional health care providers and administrators. As a result, we have been involved in every major policy debate on health care policies ranging from medical malpractice and health care insurance to workers’ compensation and administration constraints. In addition, The Winter Group took the lead in developing bold economic development proposals designed to stimulate biotechnology and related job creation opportunities within the service region of one major system. These efforts resulted in direct funding for the project in excess of $7 million.

Health Care Service Providers
The principals of The Winter Group handled the delicate negotiations between competing health care interests in introducing and enacting landmark scope of practice legislation that changed confrontation to collaboration between the groups. Additionally, The Winter Group can provide association management services for membership organizations, including day-to-day operations, event planning, and supporting board functions.   

We have established and maintained a close relationship with Pennsylvania’s pharmaceutical industry. This includes direct involvement with a key manufacturing concern that remains on the front line of providing vaccines for influenza, meningitis, and other diseases. Our work has produced new laws that now bring life saving vaccines to susceptible groups. We also assisted in the awarding of over $30 million in grants and loans for infrastructure development at the facility.

Economic Development
The Winter Group continues its involvement in numerous job-creating projects throughout the state. These range from telecommunications and technology projects to tourism destination sites to housing and office complex developments. Our role includes securing state and federal funding, working with zoning officials, updating political leaders and governmental officials and working with government agencies state agencies that impact each project.

Nonprofit Organizations
The Winter Group has successfully nurtured non-profit associations and has provided funding and management strategies to several groups. Our work with The American Lung Association has put us in the vanguard of the current “no-smoking-in-public-places” effort and other issues affecting respiratory health. In establishing the Pennsylvania Coalition of Independent Museums we helped provide a forum for 40 organizations and achieved annual state contributions of $6 million for their operations. In addition, we continue to work closely with Preservation PA and 10,000 Friends to advocate for programs that assist Pennsylvania communities with protecting and utilizing the historic resources for the future.

Principals of The Winter Group helped establish and operate the Pennsylvania Energy Office and continue to provide strategic and management consulting to a variety of energy concerns. This includes assisting with cutting edge bio-diesel development, wind energy solutions, and hydrogen research.

Law Enforcement
The Winter Group led the way in securing enhanced benefits for officers and corrections employees on the front line of the state prison system.