Management Consulting & Strategy
We are in the business of building and maintaining relationships. We pride ourselves on the fact that no other firm has the direct relationships that The Winter Group has on both sides of the aisle in the legislature and in the administration. This has allowed us to engage in the legislative process and to work much more closely with the administration than any other firm in the area. In short, we know the players and we can cut to the heart of the matter and find a way to achieve results!

Just as important to us are the relationships we have developed with our clients. We want to get to know you and your organization. We encourage a regular dialogue with each client to ensure that we are up-to-speed on your priorities and the issues impacting your work.

In addition to being one of the premier practices in government lobbying in the region, The Winter Group has developed special services in the management consulting and strategy areas. In recent years, we have:

  • Saved clients millions by redefining state and local tax laws.
  •  Launched several successful associations and brought them “to the table” to assure funding and access.
  •  Secured government contracts for vendors totaling millions of dollars.
  • Guided businesses to federal and state funding sources.
  •  Helped write legislation in fields like health care, gaming, energy, technology, education, and finance.
  •  Provided timely updates and “action alerts” to assure rapid response to public actions when needed.
  •  Interacted with public and private leaders on all levels to assist in site development, crisis management, and strategic planning.
  •  Maintained close relationships with key officials and introduced clients to leaders with positive results.

The Winter Group specializes in developing and delivering effective messages to legislators, regulators, and executives for clients. We help craft short and long term strategies based on our clients’ own business focus. We help implement those plans to the maximum advantage.

Public Relations
The Winter Group team not only has the experience to champion your legislative agenda, but also the know-how to make your issues relevant to the general public. Our team works closely with several clients to craft their PR message and recommend channels for delivery. We have worked with local government officials to stage press events and media tours, developed updates from clients to the media and advised clients on ways to improve their overall association image.

In addition, The Winter Group produces a regular newsletter to clients with updates on current legislation and the issues that impact them. Members of the team have the experience in publishing, media relations and writing to help your issues gain traction with the media and general public.

Technical Consulting and Presentations
Count on The Winter Group to provide reliable reports on current legislation. Our weekly tracking reports are sent on Monday mornings while the General Assembly is in session. In addition, we work with clients to assist them in creating and maintaining their own legislative tracking system.

The Winter Group staff is available to you to meet on a regular basis with your staff and volunteers. We regularly provide seminars on grassroots and grasstops organizing, “Politics 101” and the legislative and regulatory process.

PAC Consulting and Management
Several of our current and former clients have relied on the advice of The Winter Group to make strategic decision on PAC expenditures. The Winter Group believes that PAC contributions are a valuable tool for lobbying, but not every request for a contribution is necessary. We can work with your staff and volunteers to review invitation and help you decide on which requests will help your organization best achieve your goals.