Energy - November 4, 2016

McGinty-Toomey engaged in historic Senate race

Katie McGinty and incumbent US Senator Pat Toomey are battling it out here in the Commonwealth. As the election approaches McGinty is polling just ahead. The two have been neck and neck thought out the entire campaign. The race has become the most expensive Senate race in the US, ever. Recent polls are showing McGinty ahead by as much as 5-6 points.

The race has pulled $102.5 million from outside groups, reports the Center for Responsive Politics. The campaigns themselves have spent far less than that. Money has poured in from the likes of Wall Street, the Koch Brothers, Planned Parenthood, Women Vote!, the US Chamber of Commerce and unions. Democrats are looking to retake the Senate; and Toomey’s seat is one of six that is considered up for grabs. With the candidates in a dead heat for much of the race both parties and outside donors have been pouring money into the race to try and secure a win.  The spending reached an all-time high last month and voters will continue to see a barrage of ads until November 8.


PA State House and Senate Races largely uncontested

As the Presidential campaign rages on, a large number of Pennsylvania legislators up for re-election are running unopposed. Half of the 50 Senate seats are up for re-election and of those 52% or 13 out of 25 have no opponent. In the House, all 203 legislators are up for re-election. Of those seats 45% are running unopposed. Not quite half but close. 91 of the 203 races have zero challenger. So while it may seem like the most contentious election year ever, as far as the state races, things are a bit quieter than they are on the national level. That doesn’t mean candidates aren’t campaigning or that the ones with challengers aren’t slugging it out; they certainly working hard to earn constituent votes. But it is slightly less intense on the state level than it has been on the national level this year. Still, Presidential elections tend to increase voter turnout and legislators are still working hard for those votes