Finance - April 28, 2016

Winners and Losers: Election Edition

Tuesday’s primary yielded Pennsylvania voter’s picks for the Republican and Democratic Presidential nominees.  Trump won the Republican nod and Clinton beat Sanders in the Democratic race. John Kasich also won the 2nd Congressional District; meaning he may get one delegate in that district. Trump gets 17 delegates outright as the state winner; 54 uncommitted delegates were also up for grabs, three from each congressional district. Trump will win a number of those based on the delegate saying they would commit to the district winner, at least on the first ballot. There were a few delegates committed to Ted Cruz and those left were still undecided.

There were plenty of state and local races of interest as well. Below is a rundown of some of the hotly contested primary races.

State Attorney General:

Republican: State Senator John Rafferty beat Joe Peters

Democrat: Josh Shapiro beat Stephen Zappala and John Morganelli

Rafferty and Shapiro will face off in November.


US Senator:

Democrat: Katie McGinty was the winner over several candidates including former Congressman Joe Sestak, who was attempting his second run at US Senate.

McGinty will face Cong. Pat Toomey in November.


US Congress:

9th Congressional District:

Republican: Incumbent Rep. Bill Shuster narrowly defeated challenger Art Halvorson. Shuster won by less than 2,000 votes.

Shuster is currently unopposed.


16th Congressional District:

Republican: State Senator Lloyd Smucker beat Chester Beiler

Smucker faces Democrat Christian Hartman in November.


State Senate:

5th Senatorial District:

Democrat: Incumbent John Sabatina beat current State Rep. Kevin Doyle. Sabatina was elected to the 5th District in a special election last year. Both candidates were vying to fill Lt. Governor Mike Stack’s vacated seat.

Sabatina will face Republican Ross Feinberg in November.


15th Senatorial District:

Republican: John DiSanto overcame Andrew Lewis by a slim margin of 632 votes.

DiSanto will face incumbent Senator Rob Teplitz in November.


31st Senatorial District:

Republican: State Rep. Mike Regan beat out 3 other candidates including former NFL player Jon Ritchie, who was backed but Sen. Pat Vance who currently represents the 31st District.

While Regan is currently unopposed, word around town is that Ritchie is considering a write in campaign.


State House of Representatives:

12th Legislative District:

Republican: Incumbent Daryl Metcalfe faced off against challenger Gordon Marburger. Marburger was attempting, for the second time, to unseat Metcalfe. Metcalfe won by over 2,000 votes.

Metcalfe will face Democrat Christian Rieger in November.


46th Legislative District:

Democrat: Joseph Sparza beat former State Representative for the 46th, Jesse White, by only 102 votes. White has presviously served the 46thfrom 2007-2015 when he was beat by Rep. Jason Ortitay.

Sparza will face incumbent Jason Ortitay in November.


164th Legislative District:

Democrat: Incumbent Margo Davidson narrowly beat challenger Sekela Coles by 703 votes.

Davidson will face Republican Inderjit Singh Bains in November.


202nd Legislative District:

Democrat: Newcomer Jared Solomon beat longtime incumbent, Mark Cohen by over 1200 votes. Cohen, the longest serving legislator was first elected in 1974.

Solomon is currently unopposed in November.

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