Energy - April 22, 2016

Presidential candidates spend time in PA ahead of primary

The Presidential candidates have been making the rounds in Pennsylvania ahead of Tuesday’s primary election. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders all made several campaign stops around the Commonwealth in recent weeks.

The main attractions in Harrisburg this week, though, were former President Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. The pair were in town on Thursday with Clinton appearing at a lunch time rally for Hillary and Trump at an evening event at the Farm Show Complex. Trump spoke to a crowd of thousands, reiterating some of his main focus points without getting to elaborate. He touched on jobs, immigration, fighting ISIS, veterans, and the overall tone of something different from mainstream politicians. He also praised the police force for working quickly to quell protestors.  Clinton spoke to a group at the Keystone Building over the lunch hour. He praised his wife as a change maker and citing her infrastructure plan, saying it will put more people to work. Clinton also took a shot at disillusioned voters and millennials in particular; saying that they should have voted 8 years ago and maybe Democrats wouldn’t have lost Congress.

According to recent polls Trump leads with 40 percent of the vote among like Republican primary voters. Cruz is currently coming up second with Kasich in third. Among likely Democratic primary voters, Clinton holds a 58-31 lead over Sanders.