Finance - April 8, 2016

Bad Week for Governor Wolf

This week Quinnipiac University released its latest poll and Governor Wolf did not fare well. His approval rating is the lowest it’s been since he took office. Of voters polled, 52 percent disapprove of the job Wolf is doing. The continued decline of Wolf’s approval rating is likely in part due to the historical budget impasse between the Governor and the Republican controlled legislature.  

The bad press kept coming as Wolf has been accused or retaliating against the 13 House Democrats that voted for the budget bill that Republicans sent to him last month. Wolf opted to allow the bill to pass without taking action. The bill had garnered votes from 13 House Democrats before being sent to the Governor. And now some of those legislators are saying they’re being treated differently as a result of their choice to vote for the budget bill. Some of those members report being directed to contact the Governor’s Office of Legislative Affairs when requesting information from state agencies and departments that they need to assist constituents. Typically legislative staff work with the agency or department directly. The added step is being interpreted as cumbersome and could delay assistance to those seeking help from their Representative.

Governor Wolf called the accusation “fairly ridiculous” when asked about redirecting requests through his office. He did not elaborate and simply stated that he was doing his best “to make this administration responsive to the needs of all constituents.” A spokesman for Wolf said there was no proof of the claim and that they were simply trying to better serve constituents overall.