Health - February 19, 2016

Important News Item!

John Hanger has tended his resignation.

Hanger, the Governor’s Secretary of Policy, has been front and center in all of the negotiations with legislative leaders on key issues like the current budget impasse, pension reform, liquor reform, and others. 

The buzz in Harrisburg is that this is part of an arrangement that could free up a deal with the Senate.

Hanger has taken a lot of flak recently and most believe that this is a signal from Wolf to get something like the framework deal for the FY 2015-16 budget back on track.

There is some optimism that this means pension reform, education funding, and a tax package to deal with the structural deficit may be on tap. 

It is NOT clear if liquor reform will be a part of that effort.

Discussions among the Governor and legislative leaders are ongoing and we may see final action on budget items when the legislature reconvenes in March.  

Currenty deputy secretary of policy and planning, Sarah Galbally will replace Hanger.