Health Care - April 10, 2015

Representative Joe Hackett (R-Delaware) to resign on April 30, 2015

Representative Joe Hackett announced his resignation late last week.  Hackett, a former criminal investigator of 20 years for the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, said that he wants to continue to serve the public in the capacity of law enforcement.  Just three months into a new legislative session, House of Representatives’ Speaker Mike Turzai must now set a date for a special election in the 161st House District.  The district is highly competitive, having changed parties several times over the past decade, but there have been no formal announcements as to who will be nominated from either party.  With Hackett’s resignation, Republicans lose a House seat, but maintain a 119-83 majority.

The Winter Group's Mark Singel testifies before the PA House Majority Policy Committee

On Thursday, President of The Winter Group and former Lt. Governor Mark Singel testified before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives’ Majority Policy Committee on the importance of organ donation.  As Lt. Governor, Singel became the first Acting-Governor of Pennsylvania when former Governor Robert Casey underwent a heart-liver transplant.  As Acting-Governor, he pushed for legislation that encouraged individuals to donate organs.  This groundbreaking legislation was eventually used as a legislative template in federal law and in numerous other state statutes.  Because of this legislation, Singel discussed the importance of educating the public about the importance of organ donation and updating the legislation that authorized the Robert Casey Organ Donation Fund for this purpose.  Furthermore, he encouraged the legislature to ensure that a portion of the fund would provide financial contributions to aid in funeral or healthcare expenses of organ donors.  Other testifiers included representatives from Organ Procurement Organizations, transplant surgeons, and a mother of an organ donor.