Health - December 16, 2015

Governor’s Office gets a new portrait: Hannah Callowhill Penn

A new portrait was hung in the Governor’s office this week; that of Hannah Callowhill Penn, second wife of Pennsylvania founder, William Penn. Hannah Penn took on a leadership role and managed colonial Pennsylvania after her husband had a stroke and subsequently died. She was born in 1671 and raised on the belief that men and women were created equal. Without that foundation, Pennsylvania could have been a very different state. Governor Tom Corbett acknowledged that fact at the unveiling of her portrait. Corbett noted that the portrait “acknowledges the critical role she played in Pennsylvania history.”

Penn managed the colony during the six years William Penn was ill after his stroke. After his death she assumed full legal and financial authority and governed the colony for 8 more years. With help from agents she governed from England and had final say on all decisions. No other woman at that time, excluding Queen Mary II and Queen Anne, wielded the political power that Penn did.

First Lady Susan Corbett spearheaded the effort to have the portrait hung in the Governor’s Office. She worked with a team that included The State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, The Capitol Preservation Committee, Pennsbury Manor and Pennsylvania Commission for Women. The group’s efforts began in the fall of 2012 and commenced this week. The portrait of Penn’s deputy governor, Sir William Keith, has been hanging in the Governor’s Office since 1906. It seemed only right to add Hannah Penn’s portrait as well.


Wolf raises nearly $1.5 million for inauguration activities

Governor-elect Tom Wolf has raised $1.5 million dollars for Tuesday’s inaugural activities according to his website Wolf vowed to be transparent in his fundraising efforts and thus posted his sponsors and their donations on his site. His biggest contributors to the activities have been labor unions and corporations including the largest state-employee union, AFSCME Council 13. Other big contributors were the Comcast, Independence Blue Cross and Wolf’s own family business, the Wolf Organization. Inauguration activities include the swearing-in ceremony, an Exhibit of the Pennsylvania Arts and Children’s Program, an open house at the Governor’s Mansion, and an evening celebration at the Hershey Lodge.