Energy - July 25, 2014

PA Lottery reports $3.8 billion in sales

The Pennsylvania Lottery wrapped up the fiscal year with a record year on several accounts. The Lottery reported $3.8 billion in sales with $1.08 billion going to programs that support older Pennsylvanians. According to the Times-Leader in Wilkes-Barre, the Lottery is required to “return at least 27 percent of ticket sales revenue” to programs benefiting Pennsylvania’s seniors, this year it returned 28.5 percent, “the lowest percentage of sales revenue, yet the highest dollar amount” in Lottery history.

Fiscal year sales reported a 2.7 percent increase over last year’s record of $3.7 billion and net revenue increased by 1.3 percent or $14.1 million from last year as well. Last year the lottery paid $77.7 million in prizes; this year it paid out nearly $2.4 billion in prizes. About 62 cents of every sales dollar was returned to players with 76 people winning prizes of $1 million or more. Lottery retailers also cleaned up this year; the over 9,100 retailers earned more than $202 million, a $6.3 million increase from last year.


Corbett spends $1.7 million on TV ads in one month

Governor Tom Corbett has been trailing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf in the polls for several months. In July he stepped up his advertising game and spent nearly $1.7 million on television advertisements. Corbett had about $4.8 million left over from the primary campaign and July’s TV ads amount to about one third of those funds. Tom Wolf has spent zero dollars on TV ads in July. The majority of the money for the ads was spent in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, with over 2,600 ads running on the four major networks.  Corbett has raised about $12/5 million in campaign funds and Wolf about $18 million. Corbett’s top contributors include the Republican Governor’s Association and donors with “Philadelphia connections.” Meanwhile, Tom Wolf has mostly self-funded his campaign with other contributions coming from his family and teachers unions.