Energy--July 11, 2014

Pennsylvania’s Final Budget—What the Line Item Vetoes Cut

Governor Corbett announced yesterday that, after a lengthy review, he signed the state budget but line-item vetoed $65 million in General Assembly Operating Appropriations and an additional $7.2 million in legislative-designated spending. 

Here’s a breakdown of which legislative-designated programs were hit:

$5 million cut for Harrisburg parking

$100,000 for the Civil Air Patrol

$250,000 of general government operations money for the Department of Labor and Industry

For the purchase of transportation assistance for job retention, job training and job search activities for displaced, unemployed and disabled individuals and families in counties of the second class.

$550,000 in cuts to the Department of Community and Economic Development

For cities of the second class for purposes determined by the board to be necessary to achieve or sustain fiscal recovery

And for Community Development Financial Institution grants.

$850,000 in cuts to the Department of Environmental Protection

For sewage facilities planning grants

And for independent research of natural gas drilling.

$500,000 in cuts to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for heritage and other parks

For the operation and maintenance of the Washington Crossing Historical Park

$45,000 in cuts to the Treasury for intergovernmental organizations

For a commission of the Atlantic coastal states that coordinates the conservation and management of nearshore fish species

Governor Corbett also vetoed $20 million in transfers to the General Fund, including a $15 million reduction in the transfer from the Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund and a $5 million reduction in the transfer from the Small Business First Fund.