Finance - June 20, 2014

McGinty and Burn avoid showdown, McGinty to lead independent committee

Katie McGinty and Jim Burn will avoid going head to head for the top spot at the Democratic State Committee.  McGinty will head up The Campaign for a Fresh Start, an independent political action committee that will run parallel to the Democratic State Committee.  Wolf had nominated McGinty for the position and after Burn refused to back down has opted to go in a different direction.  A spokesman for the Wolf campaign, Mark Nicastre, said that “it became clear that the best way for Tom to move forward and get his message out was through this vehicle.”  With McGinty stepping back, Rep. Jake Wheatley is also out of the running for vice chair; party rules specify that if a man leads the group a woman must be second in command. With Burn unopposed that means a woman needs to be vice chair. Republicans have been quick to jump on the on goings and call it infighting within the Democratic Party; Burn was quick to respond with well wishes for McGinty and that the Democrats are a “happy, united fleet.” Wolf will be skipping the Democratic State Committee meeting this weekend.


Attorney General Kathleen Kane to release Sandusky report next week

Attorney General Kathleen Kane will release her report on how Governor Tom Corbett handled the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse investigation. Kane had made a campaign promise to review how the former Attorney General had handled the case.  She’s now making good on that promise with the full report coming out on Monday. former federal prosecutor Geoff Moulton lead the inquiry which focused on the “conduct of the investigation, including questions such as was there any indication that case decisions were influenced by Corbett's political aspirations at the time.” reports that leaked drafts of the report indicate that there was “no direct evidence of a politically-inspired slowdown of the case.”