Health - May 29, 2014

Congressman Dent backs same-sex marriage

This week, United States Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA) announced his support for same-sex marriage; Dent’s statement came eight days after U.S. Middle District Judge John Jones ruled against Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage. Dent is one of few Republicans in Congress to support the idea. Dent had previously voted for Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Law and supported similar measures in Congress. He stated that at that time he was representing the majority of his constituents and that it “seemed like the right thing to do.” With the issue evolving and with national support for same-sex marriages growing, Dent said: “At the end of the day, it struck me that it’s important that we protect individual liberty and there should be a more limited role of government in these types of matters.” Dent acknowledged, thought, the importance of ensuring children of same-sex marriages are afforded the same legal protection as those from heterosexual marriages.


Fleck Loses GOP Nomination, Wins Democratic Nomination

In last week’s Republican primary for the 81st State District, State Representative Michael Fleck (R-Huntingdon) was beaten by Republican, Rich Irvin. Irvin secured more write-in votes than Fleck on the Republican ticket.  But Fleck isn’t out of the race. In an unexpected twist, Fleck will be on the ballot this fall.  He won the Democratic nomination by just 15 votes; a number of Democrats wrote in Fleck’s name and it was enough to win. In the GOP primary, Irvin was the recipient of 3,600 votes while Fleck received 3,396. Fleck ended up receiving more write-in votes combined on both tickets with a final tally of Fleck at 901 and Irvin at 886. Both candidates have said they will let the results stand and will not challenge them in court. The issue at hand now is whether Rep. Fleck will run as a Republican or Democrat. He said he is looking into the matter but would like to remain an “R” on the ballot in order to retain his seniority and staff.