Health - May 9, 2014

Mayor Nutter raises city minimum wage for contractors and subcontractors

On Tuesday, May 6th, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed an executive order to give the city’s contractors a raise.  The order will raise the minimum wage for all contracted and subcontracted work done for the city beginning May 20th of this year.  The new minimum wage will be $10.88 until January 2015, after which the executive order increases the rate to $12.00 an hour to be adjusted with inflation going forward.  At the signing, Mayor Nutter cited President Obama’s state of the union address where the President urged mayors and governors to raise the minimum wage despite Congress’ inaction.  While the executive order does effectively raise the minimum wage for city contractors, it has no bearing on the May 20th ballot initiative that proposes applying the city’s minimum wage laws to airport workers.


McCord facing backlash from attack ad

As the Democratic primary race for governor heats up, top Democrats are speaking out against an attack ad thrown at front runner Tom Wolf by fellow candidate Rob McCord.  Last week, the McCord campaign launched an ad that pointed out Wolf’s involvement with former York Mayor Charlie Robertson in 2001, even after homicide charges were filed against Robertson in connection with a 1969 race riot.

The reaction against the attack ad has been less than ideal for the McCord campaign.  Just this week, the highest-ranking black leader in the state Senate, Vincent Hughes, dispelled the attack by McCord and contended that “Tom Wolf is no racist.”  Hughes is the Democratic Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee and the ranking African-American legislator of the 50-member state senate.  Hughes joins the list of prominent PA Democrats including former Governor Ed Rendell and U.S. Senator Bob Casey who have expressed disappointment in McCord for the ad.  McCord has since stood by the ad and insists the conversation was worth pushing.