Energy - March 14, 2014

John Hanger drops out of Governor’s race
Yesterday Democratic candidate John Hanger announced he was dropping his bid to become governor. Hanger said “he no longer saw a path to victory.” The former DEP Secretary stopped short of endorsing any other candidate but did say that Tom Wolf’s television campaign had “been startlingly effective.” Hanger ran his campaign by numbers and data; closely watching polls and analyzing trend shifts. Wolf’s television ads seemed to up the ante; Hanger said he feels it is “probable” that whichever candidate wins the Democratic nomination in the primary will receive more than 30 percent of the vote. That target was one he felt he would not be able to reach based on his data analysis. He also noted that of the remaining Democratic candidates Allyson Schwartz, Katie McGinty, Rob McCord and Tom Wolf are all more than capable of serving as Governor and he would recommend any of them “willingly and gladly” against incumbent Governor Tom Corbett.

Corbett voices opposition to revamping state school system
After a recent plan was proposed to allow state universities to leave the PA State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) to become quasi-public schools, Governor Tom Corbett has said that the move would be a mistake. The plan was introduced by Sen. Robert Tomlinson and Sen. Andrew Dinniman; the legislation would allow financially healthy schools to leave the system. Corbett appeared at a breakfast hosted by NAIOP Pittsburgh, a commercial real estate development company where he also said while encouraged by new leaders within the state system, if there are problems with the system as it currently functions, those issues should be addressed first. Frank Brogan is the new chancellor PASSHE and has asked for an 8.4 percent increase in funding for the state schools next year. He’s also pushing the schools to develop “unique” programs in order to draw new students. Corbett also said “The strength of the state system is in all 14 members, not in people going off on their own.