Energy - March 7, 2014

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Recognizes Pennsylvania Healthcare Workers Committed to Patient Safety

To promote patient safety in Pennsylvania’s healthcare facilities, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority featured ten exemplar healthcare professionals who represent patient safety.  Posters featuring these individuals were developed for display during National Patient Safety Awareness Week March 3-9.  As a part of its “I am Patient Safety” campaign, the posters coincide with the Agency’s efforts to promote patient safety in PA as well as nationally.

Among those recognized by the poster campaign is Tim McFeely, Nurse Manager of the Coronary Care Unit at WellSpan York Hospital, whose commitment to patient safety and implementation of best practices has reduced post-cardiac-arrest survival-to-discharge improved from 17.2% in 2011 to 31.6% in 2012 in his facility.  Other candidates were noted for their proactive efforts to reduce medication errors, respond to urgent patient safety demands, and develop programs to ensure effective care, among others. 

The list of all the honored individuals and more information about National Patient Safety Awareness Week can be found on the Agency’s website


Daylight Savings Time – What One Hour Can Do

We return to daylight savings time on Sunday, March 9. While we lose one hour of sleep that day, we gain one hour of sunlight.

Our friends at National Public Radio report that one extra hour can be a very valuable commodity. Based on studies from several industrial and technological groups, in one hour:

  • 6 billion e-mails are generated
  • $113 million in food and food services are consumed
  • $170 million is spent in the motion picture industry
  • $434 million is earned in the science and technology fields

If time is money, we get a bonus this weekend!