Finance & Technology

 Some Relief for Philly Schools

This week Governor Corbett released $45 million in emergency funding to the Philadelphia School District.  These funds will allow the district to re-hire hundreds of teachers, administrators, and other staff who were laid off earlier this year.  The state had been withholding funding until the school district made certain reforms and came to an agreement with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers on work-rule changes.  The district presented the financial, operational, and managerial reforms it had made as well as a balanced budget and a five year plan; however, the school district and the PFT have not yet come to an agreement on the contract changes sought by the school district.  

Oreos More Addictive than Rice Cakes?!  Who Would Have Guessed…

Many news outlets have been reporting this week on a study conducted by researchers at Connecticut College on the effect of Oreos on the brain.  The study was conducted on lab rats.  When given the choice, hungry rats preferred Oreos over rice cakes—a finding which is sure to shock no one.  Oreos were also found to activate more pleasure sensors in the brain than illicit drugs such as cocaine and morphine.  Read more about the study here: