Health Care– September 21, 2012

 Red Flag: The Obesity Prediction

Obesity: “defined by health care professionals as being more than thirty pounds over a healthy weight.” Many changes have been put into effect recently to fight against obesity. Last week, New York City banned the sale of any soda larger than 16 oz from restaurants, mobile carts and movie theaters and McDonalds Corporation has put up signs informing consumers of the calorie content in their food. However, these changes might not be enough to prevent high rates of obesity occurring in the near future. The Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have released a study predicting that by 2030, 56.7% of all Pennsylvania residents will be suffering from obesity. This doubles Pennsylvania’s current rate of 28.56%. Not only is this a red flag for the state of Pennsylvania, but the study also shows that 13 other states will be well over 60% by the year 2030. Health officials have been taking note and recently stated that a simple loss of 5% body mass index can make a big difference in an individual’s health by reducing the risk and costs. The future of America’s health is alarming to many, communities are asking for reformations and prevention initiatives to lower this predicted percentage rate.