Finance – August 17, 2012


Hit-and-Run Penalties to Increase on September 4

A law that will increase the penalties associated with hit-and-run accidents goes into effect on September 4th.  The law, introduced by Rep. Dave Reed (R—Ind.), increases the maximum sentence for a fatal hit-and-run to 10 years (up from the current 7 year maximum sentence).  The crime has also been upgraded from a third-degree offense to a second-degree felony.  The minimum sentence remains unchanged, at one year in prison. 

Time on Mars and Other Interesting Facts

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover science & engineering team participated in a social media Q&A on Thursday to answer questions from the public on their work.  One interesting tidbit they revealed is that the Curiosity Team lives on “Mars time.”  A Martian solar day is 39.5 minutes longer than an Earth day.  NASA team members use smartphone apps or specially designed watches to keep track of the time on Mars.  For more, check out the full summary of the Q&A here: