Health Care - June 29, 2012

Budget Nearing Completion

As the fiscal year comes to a close the legislature is getting closer to passing the budget.  Last night the House passed an amended version of the budget after hours of remarks on the floor by the Representatives.  The budget bill has been sent to the Senate and could be passed and sent to the Governor's desk as early as tonight; a day earlier than last year and still on time.  The Senate still needs to concur on the House's amendments before passage.  The Winter Group has been sending all the necessary updates but please feel free to contact the office if there are any further questions regarding the budget.

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law

On Thursday, the Supreme Court announed it's landmark ruling on the federal mandate requiring everyone to carry health insurance or face a penalty.  The decision was 5-4 upholding President Obama's major intitative to reform health care in the United States.  Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the majority "that the mandate is unconstitutional under the Constitution's commerce clause, but it can stay as part of Congress's power under a taxing clause." 

President Obama spoke on the ruling and stated that he would like to move on from this issue and the federal government "will continue to implement" the law and "improve on it."  Governor Romney spoke out against the ruling, vowing to repeal it the first day he is in office, should he win the November election.