Health Care - June 8, 2012

Legislative Reapportionment Commission meeting again

The Legislative Reapportionment Commission is meeting today for a public hearing in Harrisburg to try and finalize a plan for the state’s legislative districts.  Every ten years the legislative district map is examined after the U.S. census.  The boundaries of the districts are then redrawn.  The initial plan that the Commission submitted was rejected by the state Supreme Court in February of this year.  The Patriot News reports that the court contended that the Commission had “split too many municipalities and assembled too many poorly shaped districts.” The latest plan would include moving the seat of the recently resigned Rep. Bill DeWeese to an area in northeastern part of the state that has a growing population and it also leaves three Senate candidates out of the districts they would represent should they win in the November election.  With these changes it remains to be seen if the plan will be approved this go around.


Democrats choose a candidate for open Pittsburgh-area seat

State Democrats have met and chosen a candidate to run for former Senator Jane Orie’s recently vacated seat.  Sharon Brown, of McCandless, has been chosen.  She is a health care consultant who ran against Rep. Mike Turzai in the 2010 election.  The Democratic committee voted yesterday and Brown was their pick.  According to the Pittsburgh Tribune she runs a “small business that provides consulting services to health and educational programs” and she has a “doctorate in public health and epidemiology from the University of California, Irvine.”  The state Republican committee has yet to choose a candidate for the August 7 special election; but they are schedule to meet on June 16 to make a selection.


Old Pittsburgh and Coal

One of The Atlantic magazine’s websites,, has compiled a rather striking series of photos of Pittsburgh from the 1940s.  The city at that time had decided it needed to pursue cleaner air and the photos taken over a span of five years speak for themselves.  View them here.