Health - April 20, 2012

PennDOT Simplifies Obtaining Non-Driver ID for Voting Purposes

With the recent passage of the Voter ID bill in the Commonwealth, there has been much speculation over how difficult it may be for some citizens to obtain the necessary identification required to vote beginning on September 17, 2012. 

While voters will not need an ID to vote in next week’s primary they will need it to vote in the November 2012 election.  Secretary Aichele recently announced that process to get that identification has just gotten easier.  She stated that if a citizen “had a Pennsylvania driver’s license or non-driver license photo ID, in most cases” a person will not need to provide other proof of identification, such as a birth certificate.  For those with an expired license, they will only need to provide their name at PennDOT and after being verified as in the PennDOT system they will receive a non-driver’s license ID.  While a form is still required to obtain the ID, it will be provided for free as long as the person affirms that they have no other form of ID acceptable to use for voting purposes. 

Secretary Aichele also noted that no one will be denied their right to vote—those without a photo ID will be allowed to vote with a provisional ballot and “will then have five or six days to provide a photo ID to the county election office.”  It can be faxed, emailed, mailed, or provided in person to the election office.  Educational outreach on the new law will begin at the primary on April 24, voters will be asked for photo ID but will not have to provide it; those who do not have the correct type of ID will be given a handout with information on getting an acceptable photo ID.

Unemployment declines in PA

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania dropped to 7.5 percent in March.  That is the lowest since rate since March 2009.  There were an additional 16,000 people working or looking for work and 21,000 more people working in PA than in February.  While the construction sector cut jobs, the hospitality, transportation and manufacturing industries all add jobs.

News from The Winter Group

The Winter Group welcomes our newest team member Denise Mial.  Denise has been with The Winter Group for several weeks and is a wonderful addition to our staff.

Denise comes to the Winter Group with a diverse working background. Denise served in the US Army National Guard for 8 years as an Automated Logistical Supply Sergeant. After her time in the military, Denise worked in the staffing industry until her return to the logistics field functioning in both the human resources capacity and Logistical management capacity; working for such firms as URS Corporation and Acme Distribution. She is now pursuing her degree in Business Administration in Albright College’s accelerated degree program. Denise has a great passion for education, leadership, and politics.