Health - March 30, 2012

Attorney General a route to the Governor’s office?

With the primary election approaching is asking an interesting question: “should the attorney general be barred from seeking a higher office while serving?” notes that since the office became an elected position “three of the four men elected…used it as a springboard to launch their gubernatorial campaigns.” 

Governor Corbett has faced criticism for launching his campaign in the midst of several high profile cases that his office was probing; notably the Jerry Sandusky case and the investigation of multiple elected officials for corruption.  Critics concern is that the attorney general isn’t focused on the job at hand he or she is considering a run for governor.  While there isn’t much discussion surrounding making the office a non-elected position, “some say there are reforms worth considering.”  Including barring the attorney general from running while serving in the post, or requiring a waiting period for after holding the position to run for office. 

It’s uncertain whether the future holds reforms for the office but the current candidates all say that “they aren’t looking to use the post as a tool to move up.”  The four candidates are Independent Don Bailey, Republican David Freed, Democrats Kathleen Kane and Patrick Murphy.


Unemployment rate holds in February

The Pittsburg Post-Gazette reported that the unemployment rate in the Commonwealth held steady from January to February.  At a rate of 7.6 percent, that’s “down just one-tenth of a percentage point from December.”

While the rate is holding steady, the Post-Gazette also notes that there is “a jobs deficit.” The number of unemployed people is down from February 2011; however there are also fewer people in the labor market.  The number of people looking for jobs is anticipated to increase as they that group had previously been unemployed and had given up searching.