Finance - March 16, 2012

Corbett Approval Rating Down

Both the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Philadelphia Inquirer are reporting that Governor Corbett’s job approval rating is down.  The general public is not thrilled with how the Governor is handling the budget this year.  Quinnipiac University released a poll on Thursday that showed registered voters are split on Corbett’s performance, which is down from his forty-seven percent approval rating in December.  The poll also reported that forty-nine percent of voters disapprove of how Corbett is handling the budget.  Funding cuts to higher education were a strong point of contention for those polled as was his support for Rep. Kathy Rapp’s legislation that would require a fetal ultrasound prior to an abortion.

Shell to Locate In Pittsburgh

According to news reports, Shell Oil Co. has chosen a site near Pittsburgh for a major, multi-billion-dollar petrochemical refinery that could create thousands of construction jobs and provide a huge economic boost to the region.

Santorum English Language Comments Draw Fire

On the campaign trail in Puerto Rico, Rick Santorum found himself in choppy rhetorical waters again over his comments that in order for Puerto Rico to become a state English must be its principal language. Paul Pierluisi, the U.S. territory's representative in Congress said: ""Santorum's view is narrow and a limiting view of what America is all about. English is the predominant language in the U.S. and will continue to be so, whether Puerto Rico becomes a state or not." Puerto Rico will vote in November on a referendum regarding possible statehood.