Energy - March 9, 2012

Voter ID Bill On The Move

Governor Corbett is waiting to receive a bill on his desk, which once signed, will require all voters to show a state-issued photo ID before they can vote in the November election. The bill, HB 934, was passed by the House in June and just this week passed by the Senate with amendments. It will go back to the House for concurrence. Those without a photo ID will be issued one for free to vote and if you show up to vote without the proper ID, you can fill out a provisional ballot with 6 days afterwards to provide ID. Many Democratic politicians in Philadelphia disagree with the bill. According the Philadelphia Daily News, Sen. Vincent Hughes says, "It's part of the Republican agenda to suppress the vote." Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi says the bill would "increase public confidence in the integrity of the voting process."

Casey Votes In Favor of Keystone Pipeline

Last night U.S. Senator Bob Casey voted in favor of a bill that would advance the Keystone XL oil pipeline. He voted along with Republicans on the project that would connect oil sands in Canada to American refineries in the gulf. Due to the possible harmful environmental impacts, President Obama and other Democrats are still on the fence. However, the Senate vote failed last night, 56-42.