Health - January 27, 2012

Supreme Court Set to Reject New Map

This week the PA Supreme Court issued a brief court order stating that the redistricting map will have to be redrawn. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the full opinion from the 4 judges who rejected the map is expected next week. One judge , Democrat Max Baer, already revealed that they want the map to be more compact, focused more on population and rethink how districts are divided.

Poll on Presidential Approval

This week Franklin & Marshall College released a poll showing President Obama's job rating has increased to 40%, up 3 points since October. Only 29% of PA voters think the President is going a good job of handling the economy. The poll also shows that voters find Obama more personally appealing than Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum by more then 10 points. However, may voters are still undecided. The poll also says that 49% of voters say there needs to be a change in the President's office.