Health - November 18, 2011

Drilling Bills Move Through Chambers This Week

Yesterday the House passed HB 1950, a comprehensive bill on Marcellus Shale drilling regulations and an impact fee. The Senate's bill, SB 1100, also passed the Senate this week and has an impact fee included too. Now leadership is left to the task of deciding which portions of the bills will move to the Governor's desk. In a statement, Governor Corbett said, “I look forward to continuing to work with the members of the General Assembly to enact a fair and comprehensive Marcellus Shale package this session.”

Fumo Aide to Pay Back Misused Funds

This week U.S. District Judge Ronald Buckwalter ordered former Senator Vince Fumo's longtime aide, Ruth Arnao, to pay back $783,000 to the Citizens Alliance for Better Neighborhoods. This is the charity both Arnao and Fumo were found guilty of stealing the organization's funds. The Judge said it was difficult to know who was responsible for the losses so each has to repay 50% of the nearly $1.6 million. This sentence came down after it was found the Judge made procedural errors.

**Yesterday the House changed their schedule and will not be in session Monday, Nov 21 or 23 as originally scheduled. They will only have a non voting session on Tuesday, November 22. There is a possibility the House will add days in December in addition to what is already scheduled (5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14).