Health Care - October 7, 2011

Harrisburg City Council Hires Attorney
Harrisburg City Council has hired Bryn Mawr-based attorney Mark Schwartz to represent them in the fight against a state take over. He said he would legally challenge legislation currently in the Senate that would put the city into Act 47 under the state. He advised to continue negotiations with state and local governments in the hopes of adding new city taxes and other kind of aids without having to fall under Act 47. Only 4 members of the council voted to approve the hire of Schwartz, with no final decision on how to compensate him.
GOP Nominees
This week Sarah Palin announced she will not run for President in 2012. In a statement Palin said she and her husband devote themselves to God, family and country in that order. NJ Gov. Chris Christie also announced he will not run. At this point, according to several sources including the Patriot News, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry seem to be the GOP frontrunners for the nomination.