Energy - July 15, 2011

Review of PSSA Results

PA Secretary of Education Ronald Tomalis yesterday announced that he has ordered forensic reviews of all PA System of School Assessment exams since 2009. There are 60 schools that were flagged with multiple statistic irregularities. Without true assessment of school performance, DOE is not able to give proper attention and money to those schools in need.


Shale Commission Plan Under Wraps

The state's Marcellus Shale Commission is almost ready to make it's final vote to approve a plan to send to Governor Corbett. The report is set to be given to the Governor a week from today but the commission is not going to make public the final plan until it is given to the Governor. This has raised some eyebrows for those that have been following the commission's public meetings. A spokesman for chair of the commission, Lt. Gov. Cawley, says the recommendations are still a work in progress. The commission is expected to report recommendations on how to deal with economic and environmental impacts of drilling as well as recommendations for an impact fees and a severance tax.