Health - June 24, 2011

Budget Agreement Predicted To Be Final by June 30

Without a formal announcement being made, reports say there has been a tentative budget agreement between Gov. Corbett and the House Republicans. The Senate recessed on Thursday and is scheduled to reconvene on Sunday at 4:00 PM when they will continue committee work on the package of budget bills. The budget framework is expected to include small changes from the House budget bill in several areas including education and welfare funding. The details are yet to be released. The agreement is reported to be $27.15 billion.

This morning the House is in session.


Synthetic Hallucinogens Now Banned

This week Gov. Corbett signed legislation that would make synthetic bath salts and synthetic marijuana illegal to sell, use and possess in Pennsylvania. These synthetic narcotics cause hallucinations and have been on the shelves of head shops and convenience stores for years. The ban will take place in 60 days - a ban that is also in effect in 20 other states.