Health - June 3, 2011

Tax Collections Up Again For Another Month
Yesterday the Patriot News reported that May's tax revenue collections in Pennsylvania reached $1.8 billion. This puts the year to date tax collection total to $24.3 billion which is $540 million more than projected. June will be the last month of the fiscal year. This unexpected collection has made some Democrats in the legislature convinced that the proposed state budget can be increased from Gov. Corbett's proposed $27.3 billion plan.
Wagner Speaks To Tobacco Settlement Spending
Yesterday Auditor General Jack Wagner held a press conference to talk about the results of discussions over how tobacco settlement money should be used. According to the Tobacco Settlement Act of 2001 - and to several Pennsylvanians - the money should be used for health-related programs. There was a report compiled from various testimonies that will be sent on to Gov. Corbett and legislators to refer to during the budget process. AG Wagner began looking into the spending of the money after he reported in March that some of the money was misspent by the legislature.