Energy - May 20, 2011

Schools Set To Downsize

Yesterday the Associated Press reported a survey showing that a growing number of schools are considering layoffs and budget cuts. Of the school districts participating in the survey, 68% said they are considering layoffs and 31% are considering cutting out full-day kindergarten.

Governor Corbett proposed an education budget cut of 10%. The actual budget is still in discussion but it is certain that the education budget will be reduced in some way. Education accounts for approximately 40% of the state's general fund.

The survey was performed in April by Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials and the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators.


Where Did The Young People Go?

The U.S. Census Bureau provides us with statistics about the average age of Pennsylvanians. As reported by the Patriot News, the 2010 census reports that the average age of Pennsylvanians is 40.1 years old. This number has risen over the past 20 years: 38 in 2000 and 25 in 1990.