April 29, 2011

Scarnati Announced Plan for Gas Extration Fee

Yesterday Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati announced his plan for an impact fee on natural gas drilling. In his plan, the fee will give money to municipalities and counties with producing wells and also give money to state conservation districts and state environmental clean up projects. Senator Scarnati said,  “I cannot see how we get a state budget done, with the cuts that are coming, without addressing an impact fee from this industry.” Other Senators, including Republicans, have mixed feelings on the fee and how it should be spent.

President Has High Dissaproval Rating in PA

As reported by The Morning Call, in a Quinnipiac University Poll released yesterday, 53% of Pennsylvanians disapprove of Obama's work as president while 42% approve. Political pundits say this low approval rate could be due to the high gas prices and a bad economy.

In the same poll, U. S. Senator Bob Casey leads an unnamed Republican challenger 46% to 36%.


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