Energy - December 10, 2010

Treasurer McCord Signs $650 Million Bond Issue
Yesterday state Treasurer Rob McCord agreed to sign off on a $650 million taxpayer-financed bond issue to help cash flow for public improvement projects slated through June. Governor Rendell requested a $1 billion bond but McCord said it was "more than we need."
Last week Auditor General Jack Wagner refused to sign off on the bond because he said the state was already in too much debt (either the Auditor General or the Treasurer can sign off on bond issues).
Next year Governor-Elect Corbett will decided if more bonds are necessary to continue the work.
 Gov.-Elect Corbett's Top Staff Chosen
This week Governor-Elect Corbett announced four of his administration's top advisors. Brain Nutt, former attorney general chief if staff was named chief of staff. Annmarie Kaiser, chief of staff in the attorney general's office, was named secretary of legislative affairs. Jennifer Branstetter, former director of education and outreach for the attorney general's office, was named director of policy and planning. Finally, Kevin Harley, communications director and press secretary for the attorney general's office, was named director of communications.

Additionally, Alan Walker of Bradford Energy Co. will be Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development, Corbett said in a statement this week.