Health - November 19, 2010

Legislature Overrides Education Bill Veto
On Wednesday the Senate returned to session to concur on 27 bills approved by the House, as well as fill leadership positions, and to hear outgoing Senators give farewell speeches.
Additionally on Wednesday, the Senate voted to override the Governor's veto of HB 101 with a vote of Y:42/N: 7. HB 101 is the omnibus education bill that Governor Rendell vetoed last month because there a provision in the bill that would give tax breaks to cyber school landlords.
The House voted to override the veto on Monday.
This was  Gov. Rendell's first overridden legislative veto.
The House now stands in recess until Monday, November 22, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. in non-voting Session, or to the call of the Chair.
The Senate stands in recess until the call of the President Pro Tempore.
 GOP Filibusters Unemployment Extension
Yesterday Republicans in the U.S. Congress blocked a measure that would reauthorize the national extension of unemployment benefits.
The reauthorization measure would allow states to pay unemployment compensation for 99 weeks instead of the standard 26, as they have been doing since early in the year. Unless the Congress approves the reauthorization, the extension expires at the end of this month.
Also yesterday the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry announced the unemployment rate last month dropped to 8.8% from 9%.
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