Finance - September 24, 2010

Bill To Aid Small Businesses Sent To President's Desk

Yesterday the U.S. House Democrats on Thursday approved a plan to ease credit and cut taxes for struggling small businesses. The bill, already approved by the Senate, passed the House on a 237-187 vote, with just one yes vote from a Republican - Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr. of North Carolina.

The bill will create a $30 billion Treasury-backed credit office to increase business lending by smaller community banks and provides $12 billion in tax cuts.

According to the Washington Post, this bill passage was likely House Democrats' last best bet to improve the jobs picture before the November midterm elections.

New PA Senate Race Poll

In a poll conducted by PoliticsPA and Municipoll, Republican Pat Toomey holds the lead over Democrat Joe Sestak by 9 points. Also 23% of Democrats are undecided who they will vote for while only 13% of Republicans are unsure. Sestak holds a slight lead over young voters aged 18-24 while voters over 24 prefer Toomey. Both men and women prefer Toomey.

The poll surveyed 912 likely voters on September 15 and 16.

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