Energy - October 20, 2017

PA gets another REAL ID extension

Pennsylvania has been working to comply with the federal REAL ID requirements. Under the threat of residents not being able to use their driver’s licenses for things like boarding a plane and entering federal buildings, the state has been taking steps over the last year to comply. The federal government has offered extensions over the years to states that are making the effort to be compliant and Pennsylvania has received extensions in the past. The state repealed a law in May that prevented them from moving forward with compliance plans.

The latest extension granted by the Department of Homeland security is for one year. PennDOT expects to have REAL ID licenses ready by spring of 2019. The REAL ID license will be optional and residents will pay a one-time, currently undetermined fee. Thereafter REAL ID license holders will pay the standard driver’s license renewal fees. The documents required to obtain a REAL ID will include proof of identity, social security number, all legal name changes, and TWO proofs of current address. PennDOT has further information on their website.