Energy - August 25, 2017

New Animal Cruelty Law Goes Into Effect

Earlier this summer Governor Wolf signed into law Act 10 of 2017, Pennsylvania's new animal cruelty law, dubbed Libre's Law.  That law goes into effect this Monday, August 28th.  Libre's Law marks the first major strengthening of animal cruelty statutes in the past 30 years in PA.  Although the law was inspired by a dog named Libre, Act 10 extends protection to horses, includes anti-tethering stipulations, and civil immunity for veterinarians and humane society officers.  

Pennsylvania’s Humane Society plans to work with law enforcement and legal counsel throughout the state on training to ensure that the new law is taken seriously and implemented fully.  A spokesperson for the Humane Society noted that citizens can do three things to help: report animal cruelty to law enforcement, contact legislators, and support local shelters or animal protection agencies.