Energy - August 4, 2017

State borrows to pay bills, still no revenue package

While the state Senate passed a revenue package, the House has yet to come back into session to vote on it. With no resolution currently in sight, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale has opened a $750 million line of credit with the Treasury’s Short Term Investment Pool. DePasquale said that it should be a wakeup call for elected officials. The credit is an effort to slow down cash flow issues since there is a spending plan but no revenue to fund that spending plan. Treasurer Joe Tosella also weighed in saying it was “extraordinary and without precedent” to have to intervene so early in a fiscal year. He noted that “cash flow borrowing” this early in a fiscal year hasn’t occurred in twenty-five years. The House could be called back to consider the revenue plan at any time; though they are not currently scheduled to return to Harrisburg until September 11.

American Lung Association Kicks off “Saved By The Scan” Campaign

The American Lung Association has kicked off a new campaign to raise awareness for lung cancer screening. The campaign called “Saved By The Scan” started on August 1, which was World Lung Cancer Day. The campaign is an effort to increase the awareness of early detection in people with a higher risk; particularly former longtime smokers between the ages of 55-80.

Lung cancer is currently the number one leading cause of cancer related death in the US. Early detection is critical because it can save lives. Through an online lung cancer screening eligibility quiz, those high risk individuals will be urged to talk to their doctor about getting screened. The American Lung Association notes that “early detection using low-dose CT scanning can decrease lung cancer mortality by 14 to 20 percent among the high-risk population.” Also noted is that the five year survival rate is 57 percent with early detection versus 17.7 percent.  

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