Energy - August 6, 2010

Chuck Ardo to take position in Mayor Linda Thompson’s office

Former Rendell press secretary, Chuck Ardo, has come out of retirement to take a new position. On Monday, Mayor Linda Thompson announced that she had named Ardo as her new communications director. The announcement comes just one year after he retired from his post at the Capitol.

Ardo will be Mayor Thompson’s third communications director since taking office in January of this year. The position had previously been held by Joyce Davis, who had a falling out with the mayor and resigned, and James Penna, who in June took a position in newly elected U.S. Representative Mark Critz’s Johnstown office.

David Hickton confirmed as US Attorney for Western Pa

David Hickton was confirmed Thursday as the US Attorney for Western Pennsylvania. Hickton has endured a year-long vetting process after being nominated by US Senators Arlen Spector and Bob Casey.

Hickton is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh law school and founder of the Pittsburgh law firm Burns, White & Hickton. As the US Attorney, Hickton will be the highest ranking federal official in Western Pa.

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