Finance - February 10, 2017

State Rep. Rick Saccone challenging Casey

Sen. Bob Casey has his first challenger for his US Senate seat. State Representative Rick Saccone has filed federal paperwork to run against Casey. Saccone, a Republican from Allegheny County, stated on Thursday that he thinks Trump is putting the US on “the right track but he needs a lot of help.” Saccone also lodged an attack on Casey, calling him “disconnected.” Pennsylvania, which has typically been a blue state in Presidential elections, voted for Trump. Saccone is banking on some of those voters in the mid-term election. Depending on how Trump does; Republicans could face some backlash in those mid-term elections. So the race is not necessarily a slam dunk for any Republican challenger. The US Senate is currently Republican controlled with a two-seat majority.

Saccone has served in the state legislature since being elected in 2010. Saccone has a varied background. He’s a former Air Force officer and his private sector experience runs the gamut from television news anchor to working for businesses all over the world. 

Budget news

Governor Wolf gave his budget address on Tuesday and his proposal looks to save $2 billion. Some of what Gov. Wolf is proposing includes consolidating several departments, increased education funding, increased business taxes, an increase in minimum wage, imposing a severance tax, and closing corporate loopholes. Governor Wolf is hosting a Town Hall Twitter session to answer questions that have been tweeted—join him on twitter at 2:45 PM today for his discussion on the #PABudget.