Health - January 20, 2017

PA gets extension on REAL ID requirements       

Pennsylvania was up against a deadline to show that steps had been taken to comply with the federal REAL ID Act. Pennsylvania is one of only seven states still out of compliance with the act; having passed legislation in 2012 to prevent PA from getting on board. Opponents of the law cited privacy concerns and thought states would band together to oppose the measure. That did not quite turn out as planned and the Commonwealth was facing a January 30 deadline to show efforts to comply. Otherwise Pennsylvania issued driver’s licenses would not be accepted in certain places as of January 30: federal buildings, military bases, nuclear power plants. And beginning in 2018, a PA driver’s licenses would not be acceptable to get through security at an airport.

But on Thursday, reports that the Obama Administration had granted an extension after a commitment from Governor Wolf and legislators to comply. Wolf thanked leaders in the PA House and Senate for committing to make the change and bring PA in line with the federal requirements. The deadline has been extended until June 5, 2017. The federal government has noted that PA may also be granted further extensions as they move to implement changes.

Gov. Wolf places his bet - on the Pittsburgh Steelers

This weekend the Pittsburgh Steelers face off against the New Engalnd Patriots in the American Football Conference Championship game. Gov. Tom Wolf has made a bet with Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker. Ahead of this weekend's game Gov. Baker tweeted Gov. Wolf, asking if he was ready to bet something on the line that Tom Brady and the NE Patriots would rattle the Steelers for the win. Gov. Wolf was up for the challenge and tweeted that he'd bet Pittsburgh's famous Primanti Bros. sandwiches and a torte from Prantl's Bakery. Gov. Baker accepted and has offered Legal Sea Foods chowder and Koffee Kup Boston Cream Pie cupcakes. The Steelers face the Patriots on their home turf at Gillette Staduim in Foxborough, MA on Sunday. Game time is 6:40 PM.