Health - December 9, 2016

Barletta to stay in Congress, withdraws candidacy for Secretary of Labor

Congressman Lou Barletta, 11th District-PA, issued a statement on Thursday that he had decided to remain in Congress rather than accept the position as Secretary of Labor under President-elect Donald Trump. Barletta said that he was honored to be considered and had weighed the decision heavily. A key factor was an open line of communication to the White House. Barletta felt that his relationship with Trump and his involvement in the campaign will allow him to better serve his constituents and tackle a variety of issues. He specifically noted immigration, transportation infrastructure, and jobs as top priorities. Barletta will remain on the Trump transition team.

John Glenn dies

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth has died at the age of 95. Glenn orbited the Earth three times in February 1962 and returned an American hero. In 1964 Glenn left NASA and ultimately pursued a career in politics. He had been deemed too important to potentially lose in an accident and did not return to space for 36 years. At the age of 77 he made one last flight and became the oldest person to enter space. Glenn is being honored around the internet with the hashtag “Godspeed John Glenn.” An homage to astronaut Scott Carpenter’s famous sendoff of Glenn on that historic flight. Glenn was the last remaining member of the original Mercury 7.