Friday File

January 05, 2018

PA Right-to-Know Law working for state and local agencies

Erik Arneson, executive director of the Office of Open Records, recently concluded that the 2009 Right-to-Know Law is mostly working for state and local agencies. A recent survey of the officers that respond to the requests showed that with a few exceptions, there isn’t a huge burden or an excessive number of requests for most agencies. The survey notes that the amount of time agencies spend on responding to requests and the number of requests per week is minimal for most agencies. There have continued to be some complaints that there are still some “unnecessary burdens” within the law. Arneson supports tweaking the law as necessary but the reports supports the idea that for the most part the law is working with little impact to the agencies subject to it. The full results of the survey can be found at the Office of Open Records website:

PA Farm Show kicks of 102nd Show

The Pennsylvania Farm Show kicks off its 102nd show this weekend with the theme “Strength in Diversity.” Yesterday the annual butter sculpture was unveiled to the news media; featuring “an agronomist, a dairy farmer, a processor, a consumer and a cow” which “represent the diversity in Pennsylvania's food, fiber and fuel sector” according to the American Dairy Association North East. If you’re looking to snag a milkshake despite today’s subzero temperature feels, the food court opens at noon today, ahead of the show’s opening day. Parking will also be free today. The show kicks off tomorrow and runs through January 13th. There is no charge for admission but starting tomorrow, parking will be $15.